Trick and Tear 2 is a megawad that consists of 32 dark-themed maps across the WAD, but be warned because the levels itself are tricky and can be also challenging, especially with one nasty trick. Doomguy does not transfer the weapons, health, armor and items whenever you exit a level, so every weapon and even better a backpack that extends your ammo cap, is simply vanished with new level. This makes the WAD a little bit harder because everytime you start just with a default gear (in case of Project Brutality, just a standard assault rifle + semi automatic pistol), and levels love to troll you. Because of the compatibility issues, I decided to simply skip some levels during the playthrough, you cannot simply wield any weapons like in the MAP04 even after hitting a switch, the give all cheat is needed. The WAD also has the custom monsters like Trites, Poison Elementals together with poisoning Lost Souls, Fodder zombies that cannot do anything and just walk, the Black Hounds that are variation of pinkies and so on. Levels are mostly short while having lots of monsters, but because their layouts are also quite simplistic, you will not have much trouble with navigation while playing, just pay attention at monster count. Authors also loved placing the traps for you while playing, for example you have a small room with two pickups inside - armor and a keycard, every pickup activates a separate trap unleashing lots of monsters.

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But it would have to be able to be dynamic in it's health scaling. So under a certain health amount,...
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well, it still feels cheap regardless, maybe have a half health threshold for it to work.
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ran into the modified hellsmith (haven't played hell-forged, but now maybe I will). It was really to...
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