The Red Moon is a fast oriented but also a rather small map with focus on the quick gameplay, like lots of Tormentor667 maps this is a simply beautiful map with a nice usage of textures. This level takes place in the void that might resemble the Doom Eternal's level 7 called MARS CORE, even the beautiful Skybox resembles it a lot, this is a great map to play and try. Red Moon occupies the third slot of the Austerity mappack (it has a total of three, medium sized and long levels that might take up to 20-25 minutes) and in my opinion it is a real piece of the art. Even though the map only has a one secret just near the end, it will be good for you to grab it because a free Soulsphere just near the final fight is a God's gift, especially on the map like this. It has a total of 400+ monsters on the Ultra-Violence difficulty level, lots of these monsters are these that love to give you a challenge, same with the monster placements like Chaingunners on walls above you. Some of the encounters might give you a small headache at first, for example an arena with a trap trigger with suddenly teleporting 4 Mancubi to the room + Cacodemons coming from the outside to assault you.

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But it would have to be able to be dynamic in it's health scaling. So under a certain health amount,...
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well, it still feels cheap regardless, maybe have a half health threshold for it to work.
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ran into the modified hellsmith (haven't played hell-forged, but now maybe I will). It was really to...
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