Midwich Elementary School is a slower paced puzzled map with several keys to collect across the school, the map is not so hard thanks to the lesser amount of monsters, however some of them are tricky to spot. Tricky because they are simply invisible to the player, they are revealed only once they attack the player for the first time, to make things more interesting, enemies wont attack you until you trigger a specific spot. The map might be confusing since the start, as the school has lots of doors and lockers to be explored (openable lockers have violet lock and contain a precious loot inside like... Unmaker what happened during my playthrough). First moments of the map are quite comfortable as there are not so many monsters to be found except occasional Imps (remember that with the newest update Imp projectiles are faster and they leap on the walls, too). You also have to find three scattered keys around the rooms, the small problem might be with how confusing it is to find a right room as some of them are locked from the one side and there are no markings where to go. The map has a total of 5 levels that you have to explore (First and a second floor, the roof, the basement and a final arena below the basement), the map also gets a darker more serious vibe in the second part. But first you need to restore the power in the building, to make this you have to explore both floors and then head to the basement to restore the power, then head to the Courtyard and hide in the shelter. Once you leave the shelter, you are inside the 'Nightmare School' courtyard, the level had been altered with adding the more high level monsters like Mancubi or even the Archviles, way more difficult. Head to the roof and restore a power there, then head to the Courtyard and press another switch to open the gate on the first floor, head to the basement and finish a Cyberdemon in the final arena.

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John posted a comment in Metal Slug Addon
I am loading this with the latest builds of gzdoom and pb3.0. Still get script errors and won't load...
Protozoare posted a comment in DOOM Combat Shotgun
In which order do I have to put the patch if I am playing using the commander shotgun?
bigbro posted a comment in Glory Kills
how do i use the mod do i drag it to gz doom because once i do it gives me an error
xBlack997 posted a comment in Glory Kills
Really cool add-on I was looking for this. I don't know if this is a problem with LZDoom or in the m...
Jp posted a comment in Metal Slug Addon
Well there be an update

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