Im pretty sure that lots of your remember the AfterDoom WAD from 00_Zombie_00 with levels that take place after the finals of each DOOM Episode (includes pretty much every DOOM title from Ultimate Doom through Final DOOM to 64). The Hate Never Dies! map is for sure the most difficult I find from the sever released so far, this level simply wants you to crush since the beginning with pretty much everything, you also have to add the tons of custom monsters. Practically half of the enemies on this map are custom, these are heavily modifiied hellspawn closely based on the vanilla monsters, even though they do not look so heavy, they are incredibly dangerous due to high damage. There are plenty of them, annoying fleshy flying skeletons spitting acid at you, Mancubus like creatures that spawn these skeletons, Flesh Imps, flesh Cacodemons and even Rotten Golem hidden inside one of the secrets. Ironically a secret with plasma and some energy cells is basically a secret with a price - while you gain such a powerful tool, you must face the Flesh Golem because there is no other way around to escape the secret. As I wrote earlier, the level is incredibly difficult when compared to the previous maps - while previously had a one or maximum two large entities to fight, this time you have to fight MULTIPLE different bosses. But of course to reach the arena with Kronos, you must fight your way before through the cryptic fleshy level, map just wants you dead since the beginning, lots of the encounters are quite difficult. Once you reach the final arena, the whole final fight is divided in three different sections - at start you must take down the Kronos, a pretty easy boss compared to the next parts. After Kronos you must fight THREE nightmare reincarnations of Cyberdemon, Mastermind and a Mother Demon from DOOM 64 - once they are dead, prepare for a real extreme The Rotten Icon Of Sin incarnation.

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John posted a comment in Metal Slug Addon
I am loading this with the latest builds of gzdoom and pb3.0. Still get script errors and won't load...
Protozoare posted a comment in DOOM Combat Shotgun
In which order do I have to put the patch if I am playing using the commander shotgun?
bigbro posted a comment in Glory Kills
how do i use the mod do i drag it to gz doom because once i do it gives me an error
xBlack997 posted a comment in Glory Kills
Really cool add-on I was looking for this. I don't know if this is a problem with LZDoom or in the m...
Jp posted a comment in Metal Slug Addon
Well there be an update

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