This E1M1 Hangar Remake needs OBLIGATORY D64fier Core File to be running properly, otherwise you will see missing textures pretty much since the start, the PBR + HD Textures wont work here with this mappack. The textures for this mappack are already placed within the main Arachnotron Invasion file + inside the D64fier Core file, in overall this adds a nice touch of the DOOM 3 and DOOM 64 to the levels, they are way grittier than vanilla. Ok, so this E1M1 Remake gives you some custom textures, plus you might ask yourselves why is it called ARACHNOTRON INVASION, well it's because this remake needs DOOM II as a base to be booted, so naturally you have some Arachnotrons. The level includes also the other DOOM 2 monsters like Chaingunners (but thankfully no Revenants or Archviles), plus you already have higher tier monsters present like the Lost Souls or Cacodemons from the Episode 2. This version of Hangar might be difficult at start because of the limited weaponry that player has access to and quite early Arachnotrons but it gets easier over time, just dont be too overconfident while playing.

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John posted a comment in Metal Slug Addon
I am loading this with the latest builds of gzdoom and pb3.0. Still get script errors and won't load...
Protozoare posted a comment in DOOM Combat Shotgun
In which order do I have to put the patch if I am playing using the commander shotgun?
bigbro posted a comment in Glory Kills
how do i use the mod do i drag it to gz doom because once i do it gives me an error
xBlack997 posted a comment in Glory Kills
Really cool add-on I was looking for this. I don't know if this is a problem with LZDoom or in the m...
Jp posted a comment in Metal Slug Addon
Well there be an update

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