DOOM The Merge is a beta version of the map in creation by BassDJ (the same author as of the Arachnotron Invasion), it is a Hangar but enlarged a lot with some DOOM 2016 style, adding DOOM 2 monsters to the roster. Because of this, the map can be launched without issues only with DOOM II Hell On Earth WAD + you need to load the custom Doom 3 HiRes texture pack (the link is provided in the topic with map download, if you do not see it, you are blind). The map itself can be quite difficult sometimes due to DOOM 2016 occurence of arena fighting sometimes where you are locked in a small area till all of the monsters are eliminated, it's nice to be prepared for such fights. First fight takes place immediately once you leave the first room with a teleporter, the lava will appear in the middle of the room, teleporting the Imps and Lost Souls, lockdown will end always once all enemies are destroyed. This is also a place where your first secret is triggered, to the right there is a panel that once used, will open the shaft in the starting room, giving you access to the Chainsaw spawn (needed for Pinkies, a lot). The door with first armor set to you left is locked because this time it needs a red keycard, the doors to the right move you outside, another lockdown will happen but also way more difficult because ammo is scarce with way more monsters.

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Doodguy posted a comment in Monster Pack Extra Ultimate Edition
May you reupload Non Glory Kills version, please!
FTZ posted a comment in Glory Kills
idk why but the enemy didn't glow when I hit them, they get stunned but didn't glow
CenturionX posted a comment in Monster Pack Extra Ultimate Edition
Why is this one of the top downloads? It doesn't work...LOL!
ANTIKIRKER posted a comment in Glory Kills

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