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Created: 11-02-2022
License: GNU/GPL external
Downloads: 5,969
Size: 38.95 MB

This is a monster pack for Project Brutality 3.0, it introduces several new enemies to the game. These are the Zombie Tanks (Rocket, Normal and Plasma variants), huge Queen Mastermind that hovers over a ground, standalone Zombie Recon Patrol Vehicle that is not summoned by a beacon, new Cacodemon variant and few slowly walking cannon fodder that just tend to overwhelm you. 

Update 25.09.2022:

  • Added Terminator Fatality (two variants added).
  • New Monster added CyberFodder (improved soon).
  • Spawn ZombieFodder reduced by 20%.
  • Hellsmith and Darklord spawn reassigned to Spawn Progression. T
  • The problem with the ImpactBullet decal is Fix.

NOTE: for this pack to work properly you need the Glory kill addon and put Glory kill before the Monsters pack in the Order list
EDIT: Non Glory Kill version downloadable here

(3 votes)
Created: 26-03-2022
Version: v2
License: GNU/GPL external
Downloads: 1,092
Size: 13.1 MB

Hello, fellow PB Marines! After months of spriting hiatus, I finally updated my well-received UAC Commando Reskins! This time, it's compatible with glory kill addon (the commandos no longer revert to vanilla sprites when staggered). Also, I took the liberty to modify the appearance of the commandos to make them more "tactically possessed troopers". The Officer that you meet during the Extermination Day MAP15 at the end of the level, also gets a refreshed look. I hope you guys enjoy!

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brendan posted a comment in Monster Pack Extra Ultimate Edition
well, it still feels cheap regardless, maybe have a half health threshold for it to work.
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