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Created: 20-03-2022
Version: v2
License: GNU/GPL external
Downloads: 987
Size: 355.31 KB

This is an extension of Basic HUD for Project Brutality, updates with proper scaling to the weapons and added grenade types.

  • Fixed the Chainsaw glitch that shows the giant shotgun shell icon. It now shows both the Chainsaw for the sake of the weapon and the Shotgun shell with its ammo in accordance with its quick SSG blast alt move
  • The Unmaker ammo counts are now fixed and displayed properly in the HUD
Created: 24-08-2022
License: GNU/GPL external
Downloads: 608
Size: 1.86 MB

A compatibilty HUD addon for the default PB HUD that adds hourglass of Bullet Time X when load. Naturally, you must have Bullet Time X addon loaded too.

Latest Comments

CenturionX posted a comment in Destroyable Decorations
The latest Project Brutality Flame Thrower update has problems with the hanging bodies in the Decora...
NIghtmarekiller posted a comment in Commander Shotgun
right now this version affects the new Cryo Rifle weapon special menu from PB3
AresFallen(NotAres) posted a comment in Rotary Tri-Barrel Shotgun
For one who's Trying to Annihilate any Demons. The Damage Turned 2. Will be Buff and Nerf. Shotgun ...
Hi I like modding doom posted a comment in Monster Pack Extra Ultimate Edition
This monster pack is very good its just the balancing thats kind of a problem because a high level e...
Hi I like modding doom posted a comment in Ripper Chaingun
Very nice it sounds just like it did in duke 3d, its fire rate feels good, it deals good damage, and...

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