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Bullet Time X Hourglass
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A compatibilty HUD addon for the default PB HUD that adds hourglass of Bullet Time X when load. Naturally, you must have Bullet Time X addon loaded too.

Created 24-08-2022
Size 1.86 MB
(3 votes)
Author Adonowitz
MD5 Checksum 962e56238a940eb1bfb036c021930646
Created by Super User
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Downloads 608
License GNU/GPL external
SHA1 Checksum 2d1f635253cc21a8361ff409468cdf0697b5e92e

Latest Comments

CenturionX posted a comment in Destroyable Decorations
The latest Project Brutality Flame Thrower update has problems with the hanging bodies in the Decora...
NIghtmarekiller posted a comment in Commander Shotgun
right now this version affects the new Cryo Rifle weapon special menu from PB3
AresFallen(NotAres) posted a comment in Rotary Tri-Barrel Shotgun
For one who's Trying to Annihilate any Demons. The Damage Turned 2. Will be Buff and Nerf. Shotgun ...
Hi I like modding doom posted a comment in Monster Pack Extra Ultimate Edition
This monster pack is very good its just the balancing thats kind of a problem because a high level e...
Hi I like modding doom posted a comment in Ripper Chaingun
Very nice it sounds just like it did in duke 3d, its fire rate feels good, it deals good damage, and...

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