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Created: 29-11-2021
License: GNU/GPL external
Downloads: 926
Size: 7.75 KB

Addon for those who can't click fire button fast enough for maximum efficiency :)

  • Updated code to lastest code from master branch
  • Auto firing is now slower to compensate the M2 being a heavy plasma weapon

NOTE TO ANYONE USING THE GLORY KILL ADD-ON! If you're going to use this with the Glory Kill Add-on, load this AFTER Glory Kill

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Created: 13-01-2022
Version: 1.2
License: GNU/GPL external
Downloads: 829
Size: 609.5 KB

A small addon that adds an Unreal Tournament announcer + hitmarkers + notifications whenever you score a critical hit or headshot.

Update 16.03.2022

  • Fix the issue with revenants that make the game crash when you cast a critical
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Created: 13-11-2021
Version: 0.4
License: GNU/GPL external
Downloads: 1,578
Size: 58.39 MB

This is a soundpack that changes all sound effects for your weapons, including upgrades and items. The showcase of addon is available here

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Created: 20-11-2021
License: GNU/GPL external
Downloads: 1,727
Size: 3.75 MB

This is a pack of Companion Mods from Cat (his Freezer Bot addon) and Brutal Companion Mod ported to Project Brutality by NB001. The addons are separate but can be used together, as a whole you have an access to summon following companions:

  • Freezer Bot that attacks with cryo projectiles that can freeze your enemies or shatter them to pieces
  • Dog companion that leaps on enemies
  • Hissy Baby Cacodemon with energy projectiles and teeth attack
  • Five different versions of Marines
  • Sentry Bot with Machine Gun
  • Doomguy's Daisy that leaps on enemies
Created: 03-07-2022
Version: 0.1.2
License: GNU/GPL external
Downloads: 601
Size: 1.69 MB

There are four different vehicles that you can enter and they are used only by Zombies - three of them are tanks (Autocannon, Missile, Plasma) and is a Flyer that has no problems with reaching every place (except blocked with collisions). Flyer is the fastest one with of course a possibility to fly quickly, it is also the most unarmoured of all four vehicles available, it's armed with dual laser cannons and excavator bombs, the latter has limited ammo due to sheer damage. The green Autocannon Tank has 1800 armor (like all tanks, compared to 500 of Flyer), is slower when compared to Flyer but you can crouch with it to reach small shafts and other places, as a secondary you throw proximity mines, ammo limited. Next there is a red Missile Tank that is the best option against clusters of enemies and flying enemies because of the seeker missiles (must be replenished), the sheer firepower of this tank is great and works against every enemy. The last available is the gray Plasma Tank, it is between a slow rate of fire of the Missile Tank and fast Autocannons, Plasma Cannons work against any enemy you will encounter, as a secondary you have Stun projectiles from the Lightning Gun. When using the Tanks and Flyer you must remember about one crucial thing how to leave it - when you press both crouch and jump you will exit the vehicle, pretty much the same as it was in Metal Slug (celatoss also made the Metal Slug Addon).

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Created: 12-12-2021
License: GNU/GPL external
Downloads: 2,010
Size: 7.83 KB

A small addon created by Cemtex that works with every mod but was created for Project Brutality (as Cemtex wrote to me, his eyes were full of pain how GPU heavy flashlight I was using). Once loaded remember to toggle the keys to turn on/off the flashlight.

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Created: 17-11-2021
License: GNU/GPL external
Downloads: 1,692
Size: 94.04 KB

A grappling hook (you must use both files inside rar to make it working) that gives you a possibility to reach most of the places with it. Simply aim at any place you want and use a key (you must bind it first) to shoot a hook, and you are pulled towards a place. Works exactly the same as in Doom Eternal but you do not need a Super Shotgun to use it. Can pull smaller enemies towards you, but anything shielded and heavier than Zombie or Imp is not affected. But be careful because you can't spam this all the time as you need to charge the power of it.

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Created: 05-12-2021
License: GNU/GPL external
Downloads: 1,823
Size: 25.96 MB

This is a MAP30 replacement for DOOM 2, it replaces the default Icon of Sin level. Opposite to the Brutal Doom version from Extermination Day, this has more health but its attacks can no longer kill Doomguy with one hit. Additionally it summons Revenant Missiles when health drops below 33%.

11.12.2021 Update

  • IoS theme plays now when he emerges from the ground, instead of playing after the first scream attack.
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Created: 14-11-2021
License: GNU/GPL external
Downloads: 885
Size: 64.3 KB

This addon helps you to keep basic weapons once you pick up the upgrade.
03.01.2022 Update

  • added the ssg/quadshotgun and m1plasma/pulsecannon
  • fixed the pulsecannon and dual version empty cells drop when reloading
  • all weapons now appear when using cheats like give all or everything
Created: 13-11-2021
Version: alpha
License: GNU/GPL external
Downloads: 747
Size: 1007.21 KB

This pack has several updates sprites to existing items and new powerups or items such as Red Spiked Armor. New sound effects and brightmaps are also included.

Created: 17-06-2022
Version: v11
License: GNU/GPL external
Downloads: 325
Size: 9.94 KB

This modification changes a Lightning Mode of the upgraded M2 Heavy Plasma Rifle to the Chain Lightning.

(6 votes)
Created: 18-06-2022
Version: 0.2 beta
License: GNU/GPL external
Downloads: 1,068
Size: 9.48 MB

The Metal Slug addon changes the Project Brutality 3.0 gameplay COMPLETELY. Most of the Metal Slug weapons have been incorporated to the Project Brutality, it includes the HEAVY MACHINE GUN, Rawkwet Lawnchair, Shotgun, Flameshot, Enemy Chaser, Super Grenade, Lasergun, Dropshot or Double Machine Gun. Some of the weapons are not ready yet, like Thunderbolt or Iron Lizards. To make things even more interesting, you can get obese like in Metal Slug - of course in this mode that lasts for three minutes, your firepower is absurdly increased and some of the weapon sprites are also changed. You cannot store weapons except one backup weapon but once you switch, the previous one is lost (it does not work like in Metal Slug 7/XX). The addon also increased the difficulty and you are way more fragile but all of the enemy attacks are now projectiles. In short:

  • Metal Slug-esque arcade gameplay without reloading or recoil
  • Rescue POWs to get some bonus
  • You are really fragile
  • You can get fat by eating too much
  • With alternate attack you throw grenades
  • New HUD included


  • Add new weapons: I, T, Z
  • Add new throwables: FireBomb, Stone
  • Add new enemies: Mars People, MarsUFO, UFO, Eye, BigEye, Hopper Mecha, Ring Laser Mecha, Dai Manji [All these enemies were modified to fit FPS game style. All had been added with new attack mode.]
  • Adjust firing sprites of 2H to avoid sight blocking
  • Music pack can be played in any maps now (
  • Fix the aspect ratio bug of HUD on Delta Touch
  • More Armor and Ammo Box drop(Ammo Box does not supply Z ammo) L
  • ower enemy bullets speed to a value that you can just avoid it when you see it F
  • Fix some sprites coverment bugs
(3 votes)
Created: 27-01-2022
License: GNU/GPL external
Downloads: 376
Size: 118.8 KB

This Mystery Box addon takes the mystery box from the Call of Duty zombie mode and adds it into Project Brutality! If you have other weapon addons in your load this addon will not spawn other addons. Only original weapons from PB. It spawns in place of the backpack

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Created: 27-01-2022
Version: 3.01
License: GNU/GPL external
Downloads: 1,260
Size: 160.1 KB

This is a Playground test map for Project Brutality 3.0, available in 'heavy' and lite versions - the latter is for designated for weaker hardware such as mobiles or iGPUs. With this WAD you can test all the available weapons, items and monsters with a special designated map as seen in the thumbnail. 

  • another complete overhaul aesthetically -weapons are neatly organized on pedestals by slot
  • items and ammo have been moved to the other side of the map
  • buttons for respawning items, monsters, and weapons have been added
  • the brightmap testing area has been turned into a simple hallway in the beginning with a wider range of sector brightness levels


  • I just added linedefs with scripts to label the monster and weapon respawn buttons and merely realigned a few textures

3.01 lite a lighter version of the playground which cuts out a bunch of dynamic lights to hopefully help with performance a bit. Also a bit more polish in terms of texture alignment (never fun)

(1 vote)
Created: 14-03-2022
License: GNU/GPL external
Downloads: 358
Size: 23.23 KB

Just a simple addon which adds 6 new items (3 inventory armor items and 3 inventory health items) you can use any time and anywhere you want. These items spawn in places of health/armor pickups. To use your inventory, you must bind some buttons in Inventory section of Customise Controls menu. Addon may be updated in future.

Created: 05-12-2021
License: GNU/GPL external
Downloads: 278
Size: 950 B

This addon gives you an option to have the same quantity of monsters on every difficulty starting from the easiest to the hardest.

Created: 13-11-2021
Version: 1.0
License: GNU/GPL external
Downloads: 671
Size: 8.43 MB

Another update (26.11.2021) to my resprite, changes are:

  • Fixed the Nightvision's offsets so it doesn't disappear on frame change
  • Changed the Minizerk pack from the syringe to the intended minizerk sprite
  • Fixed the C Frame of the Invuln Sphere to not be the vanilla one
  • Fixed the Automap item from disappearing
  • Fixed a few floating pixels on the blursphere, invulnsphere, soulsphere, megazerk and blue armor
  • Added a new Red Armor sprites
  • Did the beginnings of smart scavenger support, not implemented just yet though
  • A little secret for those smart enough to find
(3 votes)
Created: 14-11-2021
License: GNU/GPL external
Downloads: 1,706
Size: 810.07 KB

A set of resprites for several powerups & pickups including:

  • Soulsphere
  • Megasphere
  • Invincibility Sphere
  • Invulnerability Sphere
  • Hastesphere
  • Ultrasphere
  • Quad Damage
  • All set of armors
  • Health pickups

Update 06.02.2022

  • Spawners Fixed
  • Brought back the Ragesphere and Timesphere
  • Ragesphere: Enemies Run in fear for a few seconds (Only high tier monsters drop it)
  • TimeSphere: Stop time for a few seconds (Only archvile variants drop it)

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