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Metal Slug A Metal Slug Addon HOT
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The Metal Slug addon changes the Project Brutality 3.0 gameplay COMPLETELY. Most of the Metal Slug weapons have been incorporated to the Project Brutality, it includes the HEAVY MACHINE GUN, Rawkwet Lawnchair, Shotgun, Flameshot, Enemy Chaser, Super Grenade, Lasergun, Dropshot or Double Machine Gun. Some of the weapons are not ready yet, like Thunderbolt or Iron Lizards. To make things even more interesting, you can get obese like in Metal Slug - of course in this mode that lasts for three minutes, your firepower is absurdly increased and some of the weapon sprites are also changed. You cannot store weapons except one backup weapon but once you switch, the previous one is lost (it does not work like in Metal Slug 7/XX). The addon also increased the difficulty and you are way more fragile but all of the enemy attacks are now projectiles. In short:

  • Metal Slug-esque arcade gameplay without reloading or recoil
  • Rescue POWs to get some bonus
  • You are really fragile
  • You can get fat by eating too much
  • With alternate attack you throw grenades
  • New HUD included


  • Add new weapons: I, T, Z
  • Add new throwables: FireBomb, Stone
  • Add new enemies: Mars People, MarsUFO, UFO, Eye, BigEye, Hopper Mecha, Ring Laser Mecha, Dai Manji [All these enemies were modified to fit FPS game style. All had been added with new attack mode.]
  • Adjust firing sprites of 2H to avoid sight blocking
  • Music pack can be played in any maps now (
  • Fix the aspect ratio bug of HUD on Delta Touch
  • More Armor and Ammo Box drop(Ammo Box does not supply Z ammo) L
  • ower enemy bullets speed to a value that you can just avoid it when you see it F
  • Fix some sprites coverment bugs
Created 18-06-2022
Changed 03-07-2022
Version 0.2 beta
Size 9.48 MB
(10 votes)
Author celatoss
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Doodguy posted a comment in Monster Pack Extra Ultimate Edition
May you reupload Non Glory Kills version, please!
FTZ posted a comment in Glory Kills
idk why but the enemy didn't glow when I hit them, they get stunned but didn't glow
CenturionX posted a comment in Monster Pack Extra Ultimate Edition
Why is this one of the top downloads? It doesn't work...LOL!
ANTIKIRKER posted a comment in Glory Kills

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