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Super Nailgun HOT
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Super Nailgun is a weapon that is an improvement to the standard Nailgun - it has multiple barrels that rotate thus the rate of fire is faster but it still had to be reloaded. Targets simply tend to explode violently when shredded by this weapon that is of course a homage to the same gun from Quake I.


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Created 14-11-2021
Changed 11-11-2022
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MD5 Checksum 783d37dc33aaefa3d906ce960f9f7367
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License GNU/GPL external
SHA1 Checksum 8e1c073b79620a5e0690603d49623c4c37111cae

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John posted a comment in Metal Slug Addon
I am loading this with the latest builds of gzdoom and pb3.0. Still get script errors and won't load...
Protozoare posted a comment in DOOM Combat Shotgun
In which order do I have to put the patch if I am playing using the commander shotgun?
bigbro posted a comment in Glory Kills
how do i use the mod do i drag it to gz doom because once i do it gives me an error
xBlack997 posted a comment in Glory Kills
Really cool add-on I was looking for this. I don't know if this is a problem with LZDoom or in the m...
Jp posted a comment in Metal Slug Addon
Well there be an update

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