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DOOM Combat Shotgun HOT
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Update 18.09.2022

  • Updated Inspect animation, mostly just a mild color change on the angled sprite
  • Updated the Explosive Shot mode swap animation
  • Added sounds for zooming in when using the Burst or Explosive shot
  • Fixed minor issue where the alt fire on the explosive shot did it's reset animation after switching to another mode
  • Burst fire animation slightly slowed down
  • Commander Shotgun Patch Included

Update 19.10.2022

  • Fixed cooldowns not fully completing after changing weapons or going to the next level

summon PB_Doom2016Shotgun
summon pb_d16sgburstupgrade
summon pb_d16sgexplosiveupgrade

Created 16-09-2022
Changed 28-10-2022
Version v3
Size 3.88 MB
(5 votes)
Author RIP & TEARING DEEP, tsf, JMartinez, D3X1K AXYZ, Electro7777
MD5 Checksum 76bdc72ead84908e8205bf3bc24c8066
Created by Super User
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Downloads 1,539
License GNU/GPL external
SHA1 Checksum 2ec44a73438f46862a59a334861387cf36a45b4c

Latest Comments

jimbo posted a comment in Destroyable Decorations
with latest git update, when destroying barrels abunch mini barrels come flying out
AngryAutist posted a comment in Commander Shotgun
where are the patches for this? i cant open the ammo type menu, and it's kinda annoying since now it...
Sabbath posted a comment in Commander Shotgun
The gun won't let me change ammo?
CenturionX posted a comment in Glory Kills
Would be nice if the authors would check their mods for console errors in the GZDoom console, and fi...
NotAres / AresFallen posted a comment in Hexa Shotgun
For one who's at 1 Years Laters. I'll Do at The Alt Attack at the Six Barrels in Two Hands. Soon....

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