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Wolvexus' Mutators HOT
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A set of resprites for several powerups & pickups including:

  • Soulsphere
  • Megasphere
  • Invincibility Sphere
  • Invulnerability Sphere
  • Hastesphere
  • Ultrasphere
  • Quad Damage
  • All set of armors
  • Health pickups

Update 08.11.2022

Created 14-11-2021
Changed 03-01-2023
Size 810.45 KB
(4 votes)
Author Wolvexus
MD5 Checksum d18f13537253fe950c0440ecd7018c4e
Created by David Merten
Changed by Super User
Downloads 2,341
License GNU/GPL external
SHA1 Checksum 9f8010d56ecdf3a54c115d3ab8f4f5797529e6f7

Latest Comments

jimbo posted a comment in Destroyable Decorations
with latest git update, when destroying barrels abunch mini barrels come flying out
AngryAutist posted a comment in Commander Shotgun
where are the patches for this? i cant open the ammo type menu, and it's kinda annoying since now it...
Sabbath posted a comment in Commander Shotgun
The gun won't let me change ammo?
CenturionX posted a comment in Glory Kills
Would be nice if the authors would check their mods for console errors in the GZDoom console, and fi...
NotAres / AresFallen posted a comment in Hexa Shotgun
For one who's at 1 Years Laters. I'll Do at The Alt Attack at the Six Barrels in Two Hands. Soon....

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