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Created: 16-03-2022
Version: 15-03-22
License: GNU/GPL external
Downloads: 418
Size: 876.28 KB

A compatability patch for DOOM:ONE WAD available hereLoad after Project brutality 3.0

Created: 27-03-2022
License: GNU/GPL external
Downloads: 504
Size: 4.25 MB

A compatibility patch for Lullaby single map from here by Danlex

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John posted a comment in Metal Slug Addon
I am loading this with the latest builds of gzdoom and pb3.0. Still get script errors and won't load...
Protozoare posted a comment in DOOM Combat Shotgun
In which order do I have to put the patch if I am playing using the commander shotgun?
bigbro posted a comment in Glory Kills
how do i use the mod do i drag it to gz doom because once i do it gives me an error
xBlack997 posted a comment in Glory Kills
Really cool add-on I was looking for this. I don't know if this is a problem with LZDoom or in the m...
Jp posted a comment in Metal Slug Addon
Well there be an update

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