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Created: 20-03-2022
Version: v2
License: GNU/GPL external
Downloads: 1,084
Size: 355.31 KB

This is an extension of Basic HUD for Project Brutality, updates with proper scaling to the weapons and added grenade types.

  • Fixed the Chainsaw glitch that shows the giant shotgun shell icon. It now shows both the Chainsaw for the sake of the weapon and the Shotgun shell with its ammo in accordance with its quick SSG blast alt move
  • The Unmaker ammo counts are now fixed and displayed properly in the HUD
Created: 24-08-2022
License: GNU/GPL external
Downloads: 683
Size: 1.86 MB

A compatibilty HUD addon for the default PB HUD that adds hourglass of Bullet Time X when load. Naturally, you must have Bullet Time X addon loaded too.

Latest Comments

jimbo posted a comment in Destroyable Decorations
with latest git update, when destroying barrels abunch mini barrels come flying out
AngryAutist posted a comment in Commander Shotgun
where are the patches for this? i cant open the ammo type menu, and it's kinda annoying since now it...
Sabbath posted a comment in Commander Shotgun
The gun won't let me change ammo?
CenturionX posted a comment in Glory Kills
Would be nice if the authors would check their mods for console errors in the GZDoom console, and fi...
NotAres / AresFallen posted a comment in Hexa Shotgun
For one who's at 1 Years Laters. I'll Do at The Alt Attack at the Six Barrels in Two Hands. Soon....

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