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Hexa Shotgun HOT
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If you always thought that two or even four barrels are not enough for you, this shotgun has SIX of them ready to blast demon's faces at point-blank range!

Update 02.01.2023

  • Fixed Quick Melee
  • Fixed Quick Kick
Created 14-11-2021
Changed 18-02-2023
Size 2.39 MB
(3 votes)
Author JMartinez, Electro777, NotAres
MD5 Checksum 153ed8de27df0cd4be19957537f91709
Created by Super User
Changed by Super User
Downloads 4,033
License GNU/GPL external
SHA1 Checksum 3c4a88f922375461c37dc870dfaf3047053c9fe8

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Hitori posted a comment in Monster Pack Extra Ultimate Edition
It's a dead mod, hasnt been updated over a year and when trying to get it to work there's hundreds o...
Hugo posted a comment in Heavy Machine Gun
It doesnt let me play Script error, "PB3.0_HMG_4-29.pk3:old_hmg" line 355: Invalid parameter 'pb_am...
Rose posted a comment in Commander Shotgun
i believe i found out what's causing the problem with people not being able to bring up the ammo typ...
Bizio posted a comment in RazorJack
It's possible to center the Sprite weapon ?
Avras Mitilineos posted a comment in Riot & Paladin Shields
This weapon is a fake. It can't be loaded neither with Brutal Doom nor with Project Brutality. The A...

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