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Ripper Chaingun HOT
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A classic Ripper Chaingun from Duke Nukem 3D, this beautiful craftmanship has three barrels that fire 7.62mm rounds in rapid fashion. Does not need to be reloaded and damage output is incredible, together with small recoil and nice accuracy to medium distances it's a must-have weapon.

24.11.2021 Update - now with the SFX close to the classic suppressed Ripper Chaingun from Duke Nukem 3D Alien Armageddon!

25.11.2021 Update

  • Added empty casings
  • Fixed firing sound not playing
  • Fixed empty casings spawn direction
  • Added Select animation (based on the deselect animation)
  • Added kicking animations (used some unused sprites that were in the mode)
  • Ammo now displays on the hud
Created 23-11-2021
Changed 06-01-2023
Version v3
Size 594.85 KB
(3 votes)
Author 3DRealms, Dox778, JMartinez, Draugrak, Electro777, Martinoz, Duke Nukem 3D Alien Armageddon, AgentSmokes, NotAres
MD5 Checksum 1a2907f0cdfe8a57029fa6b271890aca
Created by Super User
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Downloads 2,223
License GNU/GPL external
SHA1 Checksum 28460c9b02f87a5058b1b28df6ce61350743057c

Latest Comments

jimbo posted a comment in Destroyable Decorations
with latest git update, when destroying barrels abunch mini barrels come flying out
AngryAutist posted a comment in Commander Shotgun
where are the patches for this? i cant open the ammo type menu, and it's kinda annoying since now it...
Sabbath posted a comment in Commander Shotgun
The gun won't let me change ammo?
CenturionX posted a comment in Glory Kills
Would be nice if the authors would check their mods for console errors in the GZDoom console, and fi...
NotAres / AresFallen posted a comment in Hexa Shotgun
For one who's at 1 Years Laters. I'll Do at The Alt Attack at the Six Barrels in Two Hands. Soon....

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